Xiaomi Mijia COOWOO U1 Intelligent LED Desk Lamp

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Mijia COOWOO U1 intelligent LED Desk lamp is a wonderful product from Xiaomi. Xiaomi has proven to be one of the best manufacturer of smart products. However, Xiaomi has manufactured other smart devices which include Mi Air Purifier, Mi Rice Cooker etc. Xiaomi has been partnering with other manufacturers to enhance its production ability and to surprise it competitors with superb product.
COOWOO U1 is a rechargeable lamp that comes with white colour design, first level finishes, simple lines and priority. However, the intelligent LED Desk lamp has a flexible central arm, which means that, the lamp can be guided to a place of your choice.
The intelligent LED Desk lamp is designed with two USB ports at the base of the lamp, which can serve as a means of charging other devices or for any other function of your choice. Moreover, the battery capacity of the lamp is about 4000 mAh, which can last for as long as 8 hours when using this product.

 intelligent LED Desk lamp




Other features include: the soft light eye protection which protects the eyes from hazards like ultraviolet ray, blue light and other hazards. However, it is designed with 4000K colour temperature LED chip that provides an enabling environment for any person making use of the intelligent lamp. Despite the provision of two USB ports, mobile lighting, the light of this intelligent lamp is adjustable, meaning that you can either dim the light or brighten it.
The intelligent lamp can be switch on by pressing the button once, and also the same button aid to adjust the light of the lamp. However, the light can be adjust by long – pressing the button to give you the needed brightness. The lamp is minimalist design, and the connecting rod is elastic which can be bend to any extent.

 intelligent LED Desk lamp


Finally, with all this wonderful features provided by Xiaomi Mijia, the intelligent lamp worth using both for indoor and outdoor purposes. In addition, it adjustability and the brightness memory function gives it an edge over it competitors. If one is looking for a lamp with difference for home, office etc. Xiaomi Mijia COOWOO U1 Lamp worth going for.
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